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Meet our AMAZING team of certified tutors. These individuals are the nuts and bolts behind the scenes here at American School of Success. Our tutors are dedicated to the success of our students and work passionately to help each student succeed.



Coordinator / Certified Tutor Trainer

Mary Beth PearsonMary Beth Pearson is a recent Oregonian from Rochester, NY.  She has her Bachelors in Secondary History Education from Roberts Wesleyan College.  She was a teacher for two years in Man-O-War, Abaco, Bahamas at a small, private school.  There, she taught; Social Studies/History, Language Arts/English, Religion, French, P.E, Drama and Music.  She moved to Oregon in July, of 2011 where she has been tutoring students of various grade levels in Language Arts and French.  Mary Beth began working with American School of Success in April of 2013.  Teaching is her passion and her favorite moment with a student is when she sees the “light bulb of understanding” go off over a student’s head.  She lives in Oregon City with her husband and one year old daughter.




Salem, OR Coordinator / Certified Tutor

Shanika is an ambitious individual with the heart and compassion for helping others navigate the barriers of life. She has endured many trials and tribulations over the course of her young life and through it all, found that she is much more resilient because of those experiences. Shanika has an affinity for the teenage and young adult population, particularly those caught in the criminal justice system’s cycle of recidivism. Some call her idealistic, but Shanika believes that one’s past does not dictate one’s future–change is always possible if the individual desires to do so.

Shanika Serves as the Executive Director for Breaking Cycles Building Hope, LLC. Breaking Cycles Building Hope, LLC, is a counseling and life coach provider currently offering individual, family, and group counseling services.

She is also a Intern Therapist – PTCN, a Performance Health Technology Provider Relations Representative at Performance Health Technology. She was perviously a TV personality with Southern Heat Entertainment LLC, and a Medical Administrative Assistant – Psy. Care Inc.

Her Certifications include: Certified Anger Management Specialist, National Anger Management Association

Shanika is Bi Lingual – Spanish and English



Certified Tutor

Mark Duhrkoop

Mark Duhrkoop has over twenty years of experience working with families in crisis, utilizing mediation, counseling and training to help individuals and families overcome the challenges they face.  With both undergraduate and graduate degrees in education and counseling, his experience has allowed him to teach internationally as well as work cross-culturally and generationally here in the states.  His experience has led him to leadership roles with local non-profits dealing with challenging communities and addiction.  Mr. Duhrkoop has helped families, and even whole communities, move beyond conflict and realize peace in their daily lives.   An understanding of family systems and the destructive nature and process of conflict contribute to his approach in helping families create peace.