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Our Story

Our Story


American School of Success is building on a previous program that American-School-Of-Success-Education-Traininggraduated over 4,000 high students over a period of twenty years. In our increasingly mobile culture and with the current demands for educational credentials as a requirement for jobs and careers, it was necessary to create a program that is robust, flexible, and powerful enough to meet the demands of today’s American adult.

Our unique method of testing and targeted tutoring makes the diploma or GED possible for almost any adult. Through the utilization of current technology and communication tools, we are able to deliver our services almost anywhere in the country.

Currently 40% of freshmen in the U.S. do not graduate with their class four years later, and 35,000 high students drop out every week of the school year. Then when these people get past high school age, they are stuck with no job, no high school completion, and very limited opportunities for success in life.

Now we are able to meet the demands for educational credentials by offering programs that enable adults to achieve their diploma or GED in a relatively short period of time. We have a team of educators and leaders who find it very rewarding to help others make those very important next steps toward a successful and fulfilling life.



“This is about changing the lives of others through hope and education”

 — Dennis B Catmull, Executive Director