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Mission Statement

Mission Statement and Values


Mission Statement

The mission of American School of Success is to offer and provide, directly and indirectly, the core values mentioned below, and in so doing, fundamentally transform the lives and futures of its participants, toward the goal of finding and fulfilling their purpose.

Vision Statement

The vision of American School of Success is to make its services attractive and available in multiple ways, both virtual and on-site, through trained and trusted partner individuals and groups, so that the benefits are available and accessible without limitation due to demographics, finances, intellect, talent, or geography.

Core Values

  • Every person is a unique and special being, designed and gifted to make a positive contribution to the family, community, and culture in which he lives.
  • Every person is given purpose and potential to live beyond their own existence and self-interests, and others for the pursuit and fulfillment of the same.
  • Life on earth is meant to be an ongoing experience of personal fulfillment fueled by never ending growing and giving.
  • Life’s changes and challenges, obstacles, hardships, setbacks, failures, distractions and deficiencies must not be used as excuses to quit the pursuit of one’s purpose or to settle for less than their optimum fulfillment. Rather, those very things can and must be used to prepare and energize the person, and may well be instrumental in establishing, shaping, and reinforcing the specific purpose to which they are called.
  • Core components of a purposeful, contributing, and fulfilling life include a healthy self-image, positive character qualities, motivation, direction, focus, positive attitude, adequate and appropriate education,financially productive enterprise (employment or entrepreneurship), physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health, and personal accountability.
  • A person who lacks one or more of the core components can acquire what is needed, and thereby, strengthen and increase the likelihood of a fulfilling and purposeful life.