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Meet our leadership team, made up of a dynamic individuals, who have come together to help Americans continue their education.


CEO/Executive Director

Dennis-Catmull-CEO-American-School-of-Success-Portland-OR-OregonIn 2012, and after several months of due diligence and discovery, Dennis Linkedin
launched American School of Success. American School of Success was developed and formed as a powerful tool and service to assist adults in obtaining their High School Diploma and GED.
Dennis and his team are bringing together a wealth of talented tutors and educators who share the desire of reaching out and changing the lives of others. We want to erasing the barriers and fears of those who felt there was no hope.
With a selected group of individuals who share the heart of seeing people succeed, this process is a highly effective program that is truly a relational process, not transactional.
Our hope and desire is to assist those who want to move on in a trade or education field that will ultimately need this vital tool to get back on track. American School of Success is committed to reshaping these opportunities for those to move quickly into the next phase of their life.

Dennis also serves as the Director of Operations to Kingdompoint International, a non-profit company that works and identifies those businesses that have a heart for ministries. We teach how to use those economic engines can support those mission based movements.
Dennis brings to this executive team over 33 years of leadership, operational and administrative experience with a strong connection to community. Prior to joining the KPI team, Dennis spent the past 20years with Costco Wholesale as the Assistant General Manager in 4 Oregon locations. Dennis was integrated into multiple layers of service standards, state and federal requirements and other training that enhanced his skills and ability to operate efficiently and effectively in all areas of management and administration.

Dennis also, served as Vice Chair for United Way Columbia-Willamette for 4 years, here in Portland, Oregon. Dennis has been involved in outreach ministry and community based non-profit organizations for the past 14 years. He has serves in various capacities from President to volunteer roles, with City Team Ministries, My Father’s House, Eastside Foursquare, Living Hope Community Church, and M25 Ventures.
Dennis is currently serving on the boards of the following non profits: ACTS “Growing Kid’s to Greatness” , Acclaiming Christ Through Sports . Return Ministries, “providing counseling/mediation and training to families:” and also the co-founder of The Walworth Music Foundation, established in 2003, which is providing financial scholarships to children K-12 for private music lessons in my home town.



Executive VP and  Director of Marketing/New Business Development

Gunnar SimmonsenGunnar Simonsen’s career path has taken him from the corporate world in running various multi-outlet businesses within the retail sector and hospitality industries to countries around the globe in offering his mindset of social media workshops. He is a published author and has worked with New York Times bestselling authors, feature films, and global humanitarian groups in offering his unique approach to the world of social media and messaging development. Along the way, Gunnar has developed a reputation for his out of the box creativity, leadership ability, and for being a visionary.








Coordinator / Tutor Trainer

Mary Beth PearsonMary Beth Pearson is a recent Oregonian from Rochester, NY.  She has her Bachelors in Secondary History Education from Roberts Wesleyan College.  She was a teacher for two years in Man-O-War, Abaco, Bahamas at a small, private school.  There, she taught; Social Studies/History, Language Arts/English, Religion, French, P.E, Drama and Music.  She moved to Oregon in July, of 2011 where she has been tutoring students of various grade levels in Language Arts and French.  Mary Beth began working with American School of Success in April of 2013.  Teaching is her passion and her favorite moment with a student is when she sees the “light bulb of understanding” go off over a student’s head.  She lives in Oregon City with her husband and one year old daughter.




Regional Education and Marketing Representative
David-Burge-American-School-of-SuccessDavid W. Burge is the Regional Education and Marketing Representative at American School of Success. He is responsible for spearheading overall growth and direction of the company’s initiatives and strategic partnerships within the Education Industry.

David comes to American School of Success with over 20 years of experience in the For Profit school industry. His knowledge of the Career Education space is remarkable. David’s passion and strong belief that education can transform a person’s future and change their life for the better is what drives him in his day-to-day activities

Joining with Plattform Advertising in 1994, David was an integral part of its inception—helping it grow from a staff of five to the industry leader it is today. Moving to the Pacific Northwest in the late 1990′s David joined the Nautilus, Inc team, one of the most respected and well known DR Brand advertising product companies. David also enjoyed a number of years alongside Kelly Brady Advertising and Cmedia. He currently owns Lead Dog Advertising, Inc.

David lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two sons. He enjoys sports, coaching, and mentoring teens and young adults.




Senior Web Administrator and Web Development

Rebekah-BurgeRebekah Burge is the Senior Web Administrator and Web Developer at American School of Success. Her responsibilities are associated with the day-to-day operations of the company website.

Rebekah joined the Education Industry in the late 90’s at Plattform Advertising in accounting. Over the years she moved around in several different roles. Her skill set includes the ability to function efficiently in any role or department she is given. In 1999 Rebekah was challenged with the task of setting up a non-existent Internet Media Department to figure out how to make money with the “Internet Thing”. Internet is now the driving force behind who Plattform Advertising is today.

Rebekah and her family moved to the Pacific Northwest in the early 2000’s. Her and her husband launched their own advertising agency, Lead Dog Advertising, Inc, working with educational institutions and products across the country. Rebekah is the backbone of the operation making sure all systems are in place to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Her wide range of versatility is an asset to American School of Success and is interracial in the development stage. She is a system specialist and has the unique ability to see the end result while the process is still in its infancy.

Rebekah lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two sons. She enjoys being a mom and is a thrill-seeker at heart, she is always looking for the next adventure. She loves to travel, hike, kayak and, of course, a good day at the spa with the girls.