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Education Path

Education Path


Want to pursue a career?  Get your GED!

If you have a career in mind, or have an occupation you would like to pursue, it will probably require further education. It will take time and money to follow that path, and we are here to help.




  • Want to go to Community College?American-School-Of-Success-Diploma-Career-college-education
  • How about a technical or trade school?
  • Beauty college, mechanics school, culinary school?
  • How about a 4-year college or university?
  • What about the military?



Get your GED with the help of
American School of Success!




Having your GED could make you eligible for thousands of dollars in student aid. Grants, scholarships, and student loans all become available to you when you have your GED. Did you think that college was an impossible, unaffordable dream? Let’s talk. We can help!


  • Our facilitators will help you prepare for the GED test.
  • We help you develop a American-School-Of-Success-Diploma-education-college-university-job-opportunitypersonalized plan of study and preparation.
  • We help you stay on that plan until you pass all the tests and get your GED.
  • Practice tests, tutoring, resources, and prep materials are available to you.
  • We provide coaching, support, encouragement, and proven study methods that give you every chance at success.


Thousands of dollars in student financial aid may be waiting for you. And we will help you get prepared. Your future is out there. With the help and hope we provide, many doors are open to you.
Contact us today to find out how to get started!